Our Wealth Solutions aim to grow your money through equity / gold investments and are available in a range of conservative to aggressive options.

Who can benefit from Wealth Solutions?

These solutions can be ideal for investors who are planning for future expenses, like higher education of children, marriage, buying a home etc. These solutions are available in the range of aggressive to conservative options to suit the needs of the investor.

Save for your child’s education, or simply build wealth for you and your family

If you happen to be reading this when your child is still quite a few years away from post graduate education, then you are quite fortunate. For ‘time’ is the biggest investment you can make towards your child’s and family’s future.

Why you might ask? Well, from a money perspective, it gives you the opportunity to remain invested for a long period of time. Let me explain.

It is an established fact that equity markets tend to favour those who remain invested for longer. And if you can invest in equity markets early, the probability of you building wealth for your family or providing for your child’s university education is that much higher.

How can you start building wealth or saving for your child’s future?

Diversified equity funds like the Equity Fund could be your answer. Equity Fund allows you to capitalize on the growth potential of equity markets by investing in a diversified mix of fundamentally strong companies. Just remember to stay invested for as long as you can (typically at least for 3 years).

Equity Funds

Key Features:

  • A diversified equity fund that invests primarily in the Indian equity markets
  • Provides the opportunity to capitalize on India’s high paced growth
  • Supported by a strong investment management team at Mutual Fund
  • Suitable for an investment horizon of 5 years or more
  • With no entry load