Home Loan :

Home is where the Heart is…!!

At Rishta Capital, we understand this better than most – the toil and sweat that goes into building/ buying a house and the subsequent pride and joy of owning one. This is why our we at Rishta Capital provides our Clients with a best of Housing loan schemes available in the market to our authorized and registered home loan partners.

Home Loans offered from Rishta Capital authorized partners provides some unbeatable benefits to its customers – Doorstep Service, Simplified Documentation and Guidance throughout the Process.

It’s really easy !

Loan Against Property :

Loan against property or Property Loan, as it is often referred to, is a loan taken by pledging your existing property as a security. Loans against property can come in handy when other sources of funding get exhausted.

It is important to understand that a loan is different from a home loan. While a home loan is a bank loan taken to buy a property, a loan against property is a loan secured from the bank by putting up your existing property as a security against the loan.

Depending upon the existing market conditions, the paid up value of the property and other factors, the value of the loan against property can be anywhere between 40-60% of the property value. Cash in on your smart investments of the past and build a safe future. Take a property loan today and use it for any kind of requirement.