Rishta Ventures an arm under Rishta Capital primarily focuses on identifying, assisting, motivating and funding India’s entrepreneurial minds to cherish their business dreams.  Our team of experts would study and analyse the business plan reports which we find unique with a solution to an impending problem in the society on a regular basis.

After a brief conviction in the business plan report, we wish to conduct a “business pitch” session with the selected applicants and choose the one that scores the highest business relevancy. We help businesses in various stages of their progress.

We work very closely with our portfolio companies and handhold them in their business model with a focus to streamline the business towards a higher vision. We work together as a united team across India and help our companies reach out to further heights along with the best in class business practices.

We partner with visionary entrepreneurs through thick and thin and continue to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.

For queries related to Venture Capital, email to us in : ventures@rishtacapital.com